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Cœur de Ville mixed development zone

Revitalizing the town center


In the west of Seine Aval, lying within the Boucle de Moisson, the town of Bonnières-sur-Seine is served by the A13 motorway and the rail network. With nearly 5,000 residents, the town constitutes the defining urban centre for a sector which encompasses 20,000 inhabitants, offering a variety of facilities and business outlets.
The “Cœur de Ville” project, which involves a new development of shops and houses on a 4.4 hectare site, will contribute substantially to the dynamism of the town center by the installation of shops at ground floor level (a supermarket food outlet and small shops) and the enlivenment of public spaces.
The site plan favours contemporary architecture which blends harmoniously with the traditional village setting, and incorporates flats, small apartment blocks and houses, arranged adjacently or one above another.


Marniquet Design Office (Architects & urban planners)


The key issues are as follows:

  • revitalization of the town center by the redevelopment of public spaces which are currently occupied by obsolete facilities;
  • reassignment of priority to local residents by creating an innovative parking arrangement for the mutual benefitof users of the town's facilities and future residents (underground public car park) and the establishment of a priority zone for pedestrians and bikes (with speed restrictions and appropriate features);
  • provision of a new development of housing and local shops.


2014 : Construction of first housing units and development of first public spaces
2017/2018 : Second phase of project


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250 (approximately)
housing units, including 190 in the 1st phase (MDNH Agency & Arago Design Office)
2 000
m2 of local shops, including 1 supermarket
1 central square
150 new underground parking spaces

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