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Carrières Centralité mixed development zone

Urban densification, environmental conservation



Carrières Centralité is one of the flagship projects of the Seine Aval Operation of National Interest, led by the EPAMSA in partnership with the municipality of Carrières-sous-Poissy and the 2 Rives de Seine inter-municipal partnership (or "Communauté d'Agglomération"). This environmentallyconscious development project, respectful of the natural heritage, has been designed "to order" by urban planner Nicolas Michelin, and incorporates businesses, housing, shops and key facilities, in harmony with nature.

The objectives of this 47-hectare eco-district, which embraces both the River Seine and the natural environment, involve the design of a dense urban setting, focused on a new central development which incorporates a shopping centre, restaurants and public cultural facilities. Situated close to the RER/SNCF station at Poissy, this project also involves a rethink of transport facilities and the enhancement of the economic appeal of the district.



Nicolas Michelin & Partners Agency (Architects & urban planners)


Exemplary in terms of sustainable development, Carrières Centralité was a prize-winning project in the invitation to tender for "New Urban Projects" run by the Ile-de-France Region, and is in the course of assignment of "Eco-District" status by the government. Plans for this mixed development zone include the 60% use of renewables to meet the energy requirements of all housing to be constructed, public facilities which are compliant with the "BEPOS" label (for positive energy buildings), the natural treatment of rainwater, the systematic use of locally-sourced ecomaterials, etc.
The urban park will form a unifying element between the new districts and the old town, forming a connection to the Seine via the future departmental park of the Peuple de l'Herbe.

This new project will attract numerous families who are looking for accessible and well-appointed housing, accompanied by a living environment which is close to nature.

Anticipated schedule
2014 : Delivery of first school complex of 13 classes,
start of works on housing programmes to be
undertaken by SEMIIC Promotion, Nexity,
Promogim and Arc Promotion
2015 : Delivery of "La Closerie" and "Quartz Vert"
housing programmes, comprising 62 and 47
housing units respectively, start of works on
urban park

2016 : Delivery of first phase of urban park

2025 : Completion of the new town center and
associated districts


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266 000
m² of floor surface, or approximately 2,800 housing units
19 000 m² of public facilities
38 000 m² of businesses, services and private facilities
1 major 10.5-hectare urban park
1 central public square, the "Agora"
27 000 m² of shops
3 school complexes, a crèche and day nursery
1 digital arts centre

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