As the leading industrial employment catchment area in the Paris region, Seine Aval is home to production and development units of national and international renown in the fields of mechanical engineering/mechatronics (automobiles and sustainable mobility, aeronautics and aerospace, propulsion and on-board systems, etc.), eco-construction (new structural principles, new materials, energy efficiency, etc.), eco-industries (water treatment, reprocessing of wastes, etc.), and in the field of home automation systems (for the home care of dependent persons, health, personal services, etc.).


Seine Aval, a home for companies

As the natural home for companies looking for a location to the west of Paris, Seine Aval offers all the facilities required for corporate development:

  • substantial and accessible land and property resources;
  • a workforce with globally-recognized qualifications;
  • rapidly-expanding training facilities: the technological university centre at Mantois (ISTY and IUT), the AFORP, Sup2i, SeinergyLab, ITEDEC, the Eco-construction Agency, the Bécheville campus, etc.;
  • exemplary multi-mode transport facilities all along the Seine, including the expansion of river/sea transport infrastructures (the port of LimayPorcheville and Fin d'Oise at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, the construction of the 2 Rives de Seine Eco-port and the Port Seine Métropole);
  • a substantial stock of varied and high-quality housing;
  • a lifestyle which combines the benefits of town with an exceptional natural environment (the Berges de Seine, the forests of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Marly, the Vexin Regional Nature Park, the woodlands of the Boucle de Moisson, the forest of Rosny-sur-Seine, etc.).

As part of its management brief for the Seine Aval Operation of NationalInterest, the EPAMSA defines and supervises the economic development project for the region, which is to be deployed in close collaboration with local authorities, economic development organizations (ICC, the ARD regional development agency, centres of competitive excellence, etc.), training agencies and companies.


Seine Aval, a multi-mode territory

  • The road network: Using the A13 motorway, Paris can be reached in 30 minutes and Normandy in 1 hour. The A14 provides a direct link to the business district of La Défense. Ultimately, accessibility will be enhanced by the construction of the A13/RD28 link (connecting Seine Aval with CergyPontoise) and the completion of the Francilienne ring road to the west.


  • 3 mainline rail routes: the RER A (30 minutes from Paris-Poissy) and the Paris-Mantes Transilien network running via Poissy and ConflansSainte-Honorine. The extension of the RER EOLE  between Paris and Seine Aval will provide the district with a comprehensive and effective transport service, with a 30-minute journey from Mantes-la-Jolie to Paris. Ultimately, the new Paris-Normandy line will reinforce the status of this locality as a major centre of development in the Seine Valley.


  • The river network: as part of the Greater Paris project, which qualifies the development of the Parisian seaboard as an issue of national importance, Seine Aval will serve as a metropolitan hub, thanks to its strategic geographical position at the intersection of the Paris-Rouen-Le Havre axis and the Seine-North Europe Canal with the port facilities of LimayPorcheville and Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, together with the future construction of a commercial Eco-port at Triel-sur-Seine and the Port Seine Métropole.


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15 000
120 000 jobs
22 R&D sites
16 hotels & business incubators
1 technological university centre
4 commercial ports



Seine Aval, territoire de la multimodalité

lignes SNCF-Transilien
future ligne de RER Eole
ports économiques
projets de liaisons routières
futures passerelles en circulation douce

Pour en savoir plus sur les transports en Seine Aval.




Seine Aval is home to nearly 15,000 establishments, including a number of France's flagships industrial companies:

Renault, Peugeot Citroën, Autoneum, Johnson Controls, Airbus Defence & Space, Turbomeca and Sagem Defence Security within the Safran group, EDF, Linxens, Saint-Gobain, Terralys research centre and Véolia Research & Innovation, registered offices of Ciments Calcia and Environnement SA, Alkern, Nactiv, Dunlopillo, Parfum Rochas, Covance, France Plastique Recyclage, Sarp Industries, GSM, etc.


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